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If any of the above resonated with you, then you’re in the right place my love.

You're not alone. All of this resonated with Lisa and Hailey too...

Our Founder

Hi my name is Aimee Ormesher

I’m a personal trainer, nutritionist & one proud Mamma!!

I’ve helped thousands of women all around the world, just like you take back control of their health, body shape and happiness without giving up their favourite foods or spending hours at the gym!.

What upsets me more than anything is seeing busy women who are trying to regain control of their life, their bodies & their happiness struggling and lacking support.

Please understand:

There are very few women who don’t have the same problems as you, and go through all of these challenges. The biggest reasons they aren’t able to progress is because:

All of my programs are created for women who want to:

Are you ready for to look and feel incredible?

Intake Closes In


What does a ‘no fad diets’, no ‘detoxing’ weight loss programme look like?

Don’t worry my love you’re not going to see any of this here:

Weight loss doesn’t have to be restrictive, and I want to show you how. This is what's Included:

Personalised Nutrition Support

Whether you’re vegetarian, coeliac, lactose intolerant or just a bit fussy, there’s nutrition advice to suit you.

Stress Management Strategies

There’s no point trying to lose weight if chronic stress is waiting to undo all your hard work. Fight the cause to keep you on course by trying out one of our holistic practices such as yoga, meditation, and breathwork.

Workout Programme

Home and gym workouts to choose from, with access to over 100 pre recorded video workouts.

Calorie + Macro Calculator

Want to keep an eye on your nutrition with ease? My ready-made calculators are simple and quick to use.

Supplement Guide

Buying the right supplements for your specific needs can feel like a minefield. Use this simple guide to get supported ASAP.

Recipe Book

Tired after work and don’t know what to cook? Don’t reach for the take-out flyer, take the guesswork out of tea time with over 100 recipes to try!

Alcohol Cheat Sheets

Let’s be honest, sometimes a cheeky cheers with the girls is good for us. So don’t stress about getting ‘off-plan’, simply use the alcohol cheat sheet!

Fake-Away + Eating Out Guides

Going out for date night? Craving your Friday night chippy? Use my guides for eating you want, without feeling guilty. (there’s even survival guides for the likes of Nando’s and Maccy D’s!)

Cycle Support

Aunt Flo messing with your mo-jo? I’ll teach you about your cycles, fluctuations and cravings inline with your monthly rhythms, so nothing can get in your way.

Bonus Webinars

When we’re on a mission to bust the muffin top, it suddenly seems like everyone is trying to get us to binge with them. No matter the situation that comes up, or the feelings that surface, you can dip into this bank of bonus webinars to find the solution (even if it’s that your nan’s invited you round for lardy cake and tea!)

Glute Activation Guide

That pesky peach not looking as perky as you’d prayed for? Learn to activate your glutes to get the best out of your booty building!

Sleep Protocols Handbook

Sleep is a healer (and not enough of it can lead to weight gain). Feel well all over with sleep support that minimises stress and maximises results.

PLUS… Get connected with like minded women:

Private Facebook Community

Share your wins, swap recipes and generally hang out with these total huns! (Disclaimer: I have definitely cried at the cheerleading that goes on it here💞)

Weekly Challenges + Prizes

Need motivation? No problem! Every week I’ll set little challenges with epic prizes to keep you pumped!

Weekly Live Q+A Sessions

Hit a plateau? Struggling with cravings? Need some advice about a particular area or exercise? Simply pop in to my weekly live Q+A and let’s chat!

Sound good?

Are you ready for an incredible 8 weeks with me?

Feedback & Results

Here's what our community have to say...

Feeling great is a way of life. It’s not a fad diet or a destructive detox.

You won’t find any of that here. Sure, you’ll get results… but this is so much more than ‘just a weight loss programme’. Over the last few years I’ve heard from women who have:

Don't just take my word for it. Watch what Sophie and Katherine have to say...

Babe, it’s time for online fitness education to feel different. No more BS. Just a bunch of incredible women, having an incredible time and getting incredible results!

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